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The revolutionary Lytro light-field camera is about to get easier to buy.

Lytro Unveils Its “Focus Later” Light Field Camera

Nab lytro cinema light field camera debuts before enthusiastic the original lytro light field camera is only 60 for s gold google is reportedly ing light field list the following benefits of a light field camera: Unlike a conventional digital camera, the LYTRO ILLUM captures the light field, which includes the direction of light.

The Lytro camera is the first consumer camera that records the entire light.The lytro light field camera is an easy to use point and shoot camera.

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Unique micro-lens array with digital image sensor captures the color intensity and direction of light entering the camera Light field engine processes the four-dimensional data captured by the sensor so you can view it on the screen and refocus with a tap 152 back-lit LCD glass touchscreen display.The Lytro camera is the first consumer camera that records the entire light field—all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene—instead.

Apple patents Lytro-like refocusable camera suitable for

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Shoot first, focus later. the lytro camera lets you create living pictures that you can endlessly refocus after you take them.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lytro Light Field Camera, 8GB, Graphite at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

The camera records the entire light field - all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene - instead of a flat 2D image.

Lytro: The Most Social Camera Ever Made [REVIEW]

To process this additional information, Lytro cameras contain a light field engine that allows camera owners to refocus pictures directly on the camera.Product Information: The Lytro light field camera promises to do nothing less than revolutionize photography by letting you take pictures first and focus later.

Lytro Camera REVIEW: Refocusing the Future of Photography

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Lytro’s new light field camera lets you focus after you

This allows the light field sensor to save the vector direction, which makes it record depth of field data and separate between different objects.

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Perhaps most interesting is the possibility of a light-field video camera.

So I just received my very own Lytro light field camera today.

Lytro is proclaiming a new age in photography with a pocket-sized camera unveiled Wednesday that comes with a futuristic technology called light-field photograph.Some digital cameras are better than others, but they all pretty much work in the same way.A light field camera is basically a new(ish) form of photography that allows the photographer to change the focus of an image after the fact as the camera shoots everything in focus.

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The Lytro camera is the most revolutionary product in photography since the digital camera.


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